Springtime in Alaska

After a long Alaskan winter, Yas couldn’t help himself and had to get out and hit his local AK water. While most streams are still locked in the icy grips of winter, Yas said he knew of one creek where water temperatures had risen to a balmy 34 degrees providing him with real-life liquid water to fish in. He sent this picture of a large 22″ wild rainbow he caught on a size 18 Pheasant Tail Nymph. Well done Yas! Stunning pictures.

Matt, Jeremy and Yas Form A Steelhead Posse – Steelhead Photo Report

Hey folks. Here are the pictures I’ve been promising. I’m kicking myself that I wasn’t on the water with these guys this past weekend. Yas and Jeremy met Matt in person for the first time on the river, each of them having read about one another on this site! I think these pictures speak for themselves, I would love for the individuals who took them to weigh in with any comments they might have. They each caught serious numbers of chrome, dime-bright steelhead. Well done gentlemen, well done.

More Great Steelhead Pictures Courtesy of Yas

Yas has really made the most of the run this Spring and went up to the Milwaukee to play with his spey rod. Damn, I’m jealous Yas. He hooked four and landed several yesterday and sent me these pictures late last night. Yas doesn’t fish any secret holes either. He just magically pulls steelhead out of the run you just fished through and couldn’t get anything out of! Great job Yas. Everyone should notice the great care Yas tries to take in keeping his steelhead in the water as much as possible while photographing them. This is one passionate fisherman and since I have been too tied up to make it out to the tributaries, his reports have been invaluable. Egg flies and streamer patterns continue to be the order of the day. Keep in mind that as the water warms fish are more susceptible to an aggressively swung fly.

Milwaukee River Steelhead Report

Last weekend Yas got out on the Milwaukee River and was able to bag a few steelhead despite the relatively high water there. He said the fishing was absolutely spectacular despite the stain on the water. He did say that with the high flows, wading safely was his number one priority and on water the size of the Milwaukee River, he is right! While high water conditions often signal the arrival of fresh pushes of migratory fish (whether steelhead, salmon or brown trout), anglers should always be patient for flows to subside for safe fishing.

Yas used egg patterns to catch several beautiful steelhead, one of which I have pictured here. Yas has been featured on this site many times and is a heck of a fisherman. He enjoys all aspects of the sport as well, dabbling in fly-tying and rod-building. We met up on a certain Wisconsin spring creek back in early March but have had trouble getting our schedules to link up enough to allow us to sneak out. Hopefully I can get him to show me where I can catch some fresh chrome.