Fly Tying: The Usual

The Usual is a very interesting pattern that I was turned onto by Josh at Gates Lodge a year or so ago. I had never heard of it or fished it before, and I think it remains relatively unknown. The bug isn’t flashy and it won’t catch fishermen in the fly bin (especially my renditions). Irrespective of its relative anonymity in the human world, fish have a very tough time turning down this pattern.

The Usual embodies two attributes I feel are fairly reliable in determining success: simplicity and general bugginess. It’s science.

All you need to tie this pattern is a hook, thread, and snowshoe rabbit foot.

Ugly and buggy. I swear it actually works.

For instructions follow the link below. The site has an excellent step by step tutorial, and gives a short history of the pattern.


4 thoughts on “Fly Tying: The Usual

  1. Awesome post Will. I had the privilege of meeting Fran Betters who coined this pattern in the ADK mountains of Upstate New York. During my college years I would make the run Upstate to his shop and the West Fork of the Au Sable.

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