Winter Withering?

While we were rained out last Sunday and forced to pull the plug early, at least it was warmer. It seems that Winter is making one final push before finally giving way to Spring. I was deciding whether to head up to the Driftless or over to Michigan this weekend, but overnight lows in the teens may have made the decision for me. I will check out the tribs if any are marginally fishable, but will be staying close to home either way.

Forgetting the Sunday rain, it was nice to feel the sun last Saturday and be able to fish wearing three layers instead of five. Hopefully the weather next weekend is more spring-like, as I would like to feed some more hungry fish some flies.

A couple from last weekend:

My brother’s hand with a nice little guy
Matt with a nice little guy

2 thoughts on “Winter Withering?

  1. Still Winter in Northern California. As I sit here writing, it's still snowing outside with more coming today, tomorrow, and Saturday. No Spring out here.

  2. No spring here either. I thought it had arrived, but winter wanted to get in a parting shot.

    Maybe next week spring will come to stay.

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