Norwegian Sea Trout

A few weeks back, a gentleman from Norway visited my shop and we talked about the Sea Trout fishing opportunities that exist in the fjords of Norway. This is coastal saltwater fishing for giant trout. In any case, the man showed me a picture of his son-in-law with a massive sea-trout catch and I told him to forward me the picture when he got home. Enter Erlend Hareide.

Erlend sent me this message a few days ago and I couldn’t wait to put this up. This astounding fish was landed on a 5 wt. rod. Erlend wrote a great description of his catch, so I’ll let readers enjoy this one in the angler’s own words:

The fish was caught in the sea on the west coast of Norway. I used a Orvis helios #5 mid-flex, Nautilus FW reel, snowbee clear int. line and tapered 0X mirage with a 3X mirage tip. The fly was a size 14 orange shrimp. The fish was going head and tail feeding on small shrimps 60 feet from where I was standing. I made one perfect presentation. Waited for five seconds, two small pulls, waited another five seconds was about to pull again when the water exploded in front of me. Two seatrouts at about 14-16pounds each went into the air and one of them was at the end of my line.

It directly pulled 200 feet of my reel and did numerous runs before after 30 minutes my father in law got his hands around its tail and lifted it clear of the water. ~Erlend Hareide

Thanks for your submission Erlend and keep sending me your catches! I hope to visit your Norwegian waters in very near future. It’s on my short list.

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